Giving your pool the right kind of downtime is essential during the winter months. The best way to do that is by hiring a pool service to winterize your pool. The harsh winters here in the Denver area make winterization especially important for pool owners because a pool’s lifespan is not guaranteed when the right winterization steps aren’t followed. Take a look at five reasons to use a pool service to winterize your pool before the first frost hits!

Why Is Winterizing a Pool Important in Colorado?

End-of-summer you is doing beginning-of-summer you a big favor when making that call to a local pool servicing company! More than one pool owner has been greeted by disaster after taking a lax attitude toward pool closing. It’s important to put your pool in hibernation for winter the right way to avoid a big hassle when spring rolls around. Winterizing helps to prevent freezing that will damage expensive pool components and equipment.

Surface freezes that occur over winter create ice expansion that easily tears through a pool liner. A pool can also become a dangerous ecosystem during the dormant months. While colder temperatures slow down bacteria and algae growth, a covered pool with no running filter is still a Petri dish. When left alone, a pool is likely to experience buildup of algae, bacteria, and residual chemicals. That means you’ll be greeted by a big mess on opening day for your pool in the spring! Ultimately, winterizing services allow you to preserve the life of your pool. This saves you money in the long haul. It also ensures that your pool will be waiting to provide you with a summer of fun and relaxation once you’ve made it through the winter.

Reason #1: It’s Easy to Winterize a Pool Incorrectly

Winterizing a pool is a detailed process. If it’s something you’re only doing once a year, there’s a good chance you’ll be rusty when it comes to remembering all the steps. Here’s a rundown of everything that goes into winterizing a pool:

  • Cleaning the pool of all debris. This usually includes thorough brushing and vacuuming
  • Balancing water chemistry. Before a pool can be closed for the winter, it must have perfectly balanced pH levels, water hardness, and alkalinity. This is usually achieved by doing a “shock” to create long-term stability.
  • Lubricating pump rings.
  • Pumping the pool water to the right level. Generally, water is pumped to make the surface “level” enough to maintain a tight, stable fit once the cover is placed over the pool.
  • Clearing the pool of all wall fittings, ladders, skimmers, and other accessories.
  • Treating equipment lines with antifreeze and plugging.
  • Adding algaecide.
  • Properly placing a cover over the pool.

There’s no need to deal with the stress of winterizing your own pool. Local pool experts can get the job done the right way. In addition to saving you time, professional pool winterizing services also give you the peace of mind you need to put your pool out of your mind for the season.

Reason #2: Doing It Yourself Isn’t Always Cheaper

Many people choose DIY pool winterization because they assume that it’s an easy way to save money. In reality, purchasing the winterization tools and chemicals needed to properly close up a pool for the season can cost a pretty penny. You also have to worry about storing these items all winter. That can be both inconvenient and dangerous if you live in a home with children or pets. When customers get pool winterization quotes in Denver from Laguna Pools, they’re often surprised to see just how affordable having your pool professionally winterized can be.

Reason #3: A Pool That Isn’t Properly Winterized Is a Liability

The final step of a professional pool winterization is placing a tight-fitting cover over your pool. A pool professional can help you discover the right pool cover based on your pool’s size and style. They can also “audit” your existing cover to let you know if it’s a good choice. This is important because a cover must be fitted in a way that eliminates drowning risks by preventing children or animals from getting into the pool.

During the winter months, it’s easy to let your guard down regarding pool safety because the pool isn’t part of your daily life. However, a pool that hasn’t been properly winterized with a cover is a dangerous liability. In fact, the wrong pool cover can actually increase drowning risks. Your local pool expert will ensure that your pool is truly sealed up for the winter. Generally, a special floating device is also placed on the top of the pool to help you monitor your pool cover’s performance throughout the winter.

Reason #4: Pool Pumps Can Be Saved by Proper Winterization

Pool pumps are especially vulnerable to cold weather. During the winter months, it’s common for exposed pumps to crack if they are still connected to a pool’s filtration system. A pool professional can help you avoid costly pump replacements by simply disconnecting your pump as part of the winterization process. Your pump will be ready to be hooked back in place once swimming season rolls around again.

Reason #5: You’ll Have an Expert Waiting in the Wings to Answer Questions All Winter Long

One of the best things about finding a trusted local pool company in Denver to handle all of your winterization needs is that the team will never stop working for you. If you have any questions or concerns about how your pool is holding up when wild weather rips through the land, you can simply call your pool team for advice. If your pool cover becomes compromised at any point during the winter, these pool professionals can show up to get everything back in place before freezing conditions wreck your pool.

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