New Builds

How long does it take to build a pool?

That depends on several variables, including the size of the pool, the landscape and the time of year. Most of our jobs take six to 10 weeks to complete. The permitting process can extend the project time (start of construction) depending on the city or county you live in.

Will a pool fit in my backyard?

The pool size can be customized to fit most if not all backyard spaces. The beauty of in ground gunite swimming pools and spas are that they can be any shape or size.

What about permits? What do they cost and how long do they take to get?

We take care of the permit process for you. The permit process can take 1-6 weeks, depending on where you live. The cost is also dependent on where you live.

What is the best time of year to build a new pool?

The best time to build is early spring. However, bidding and planning usually starts in the fall or winter.

Should I build my pool before or after I complete building my new home?

Building the pool in conjunction with your home typically works well. There are no drawbacks to building at the same time.

Are there warranties offered on pools?

We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the pool industry. The structural warranty is a lifetime warranty and as long as you own your pool, we will guarantee it will hold water.


How long will it take to remodel my pool?

That depends on the extent of the work. New tile and coping, or an extensive remodel obviously takes more time. Keep in mind that, with appropriate precautions, pools can be remodeled during winter, so your family won’t miss out on any of the swimming season. And, since winter is less busy for us, it can be easier to get your desired scheduling. Be assured that Laguna Pools is dedicated to completing your project in a timely manner.

Is Laguna Pools fully licensed and insured?

We fulfill all licensing and insurance requirements for a construction business, including contractor’s license, contractor’s bond, worker’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and automobile insurance.

What are the latest bells and whistles I may want to consider?

There are several exciting innovations in pool technologies – especially in Automation, Sanitation, and Lighting – that you should seriously consider when planning a new pool or a remodel. Imagine controlling your pool or spa from your smart phone, an automated chlorination and cleaning system that does the work for you, and lighting designs that offer color variations to suit your mood. Visit our showroom to learn about new features that will take your pool into the future.

Pool Cleaning Services

Do you offer pool repair services?

We specialize in new construction, remodels, repairs and ongoing maintenance. No job is to large or too small for Laguna Pools. We are a full-service company. No longer will you have to deal with multiple companies when getting work done.

How often is service offered?

Normally, a property with both pool & spa is serviced weekly. A property with the spa alone is serviced bi-weekly. At Laguna pools, it is our goal that whenever you step outside to use the pool it crystal clear and swim-ready!

Why do I need to open/close my pool at the beginning or end of the season?

In Colorado, it very common for homeowner to close the swimming pool during the winter time this way they avoid the stress of having to worry about freezing conditions and costly repairs. At Laguna pools, we see the benefits in saving time and money by closing the pool when not in use. But it must be done correctly. Our staff follows a meticulous process to ensure that your pool is primed and ready for the summer season.

What are the benefits of using a professional pool cleaning service vs. doing it myself?

Laguna Pools can service your pool more safely with greater expertise. Our staff are trained in managing hazardous materials and chemicals, you can relax knowing you won’t have to handle them yourself. Along with our commitment to having the pool swim-ready we are also committed to ensuring your equipment is working properly and efficiently.

How much does it cost?

You can find pricing for weekly service and/or one-off services by clicking the “Request a Quote” button below, or on our home page.

Do you service commercial accounts?

Our primary focus and expertise is on residential pools but we do clean and maintain commercial pools. Contact us for more information.

Do you have an agreement for maintenance services?

We don’t require a contract and are confident that you will want to keep us around. Our agreement is intended to keep things clear between company and homeowner it is not intended to lock you in. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with the service, you are welcome to terminate service.

Do you include chemicals in your cleaning service?

Chemicals that are included in our service fee are sodium bicarbonate (Alkalinity), muriatic acid (PH Decrease), soda ash, (PH Increase), Calcium hardness increaser. In an effort to keep our service fees low we exclude all other chemicals such as Chlorine tablets, Pool Shock, Algaecide, Phosphate Remover, Stabilizer, etc. However, they can be provided at an additional cost.

Are there any extra costs to service?

Our fees cover all basic maintenance services.

Items that are billed separately are:

  • Phosphate Treatment
  • Algaecide Treatment
  • Mineral rich water treatment
  • Removal of scale build-up
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Pumping water off the Auto Cover
  • Washing Cover Fabric
  • Cleaning out cover box
  • Etc.

We will never do any additional work without providing you with an estimate and getting your approval first.

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