Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service in Denver, CO

Denver Pool Cleaning Service

Laguna Pools offers one-time and recurring pool cleaning service visits. Pool chemistry can change with variations in the weather as well as with time. It is important to check chemistry on a weekly basis to ensure a healthy, clean pool environment and our pool care team can do exactly that. Weekly, Monthly and One-time cleaning visits include:
  • Removal of leaves and debris from the pool surface – Our pool cleaners will remover the leaves, and debris form the pool surface to keep your pool looking and feeling clean.
  • Clean the tile surface at the waterline are – Our pool cleaning service team consists of experienced pool sweepers dedicated to keeping your pool spotless. Few things are more important when it comes to owning a pool than keeping it clean, and we are proud to offer pool maintenance services, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Empty and clean the skimmer basket(s) and the pump strainer basket(s) – In addition to the other pool care services that our swimming pool maintenance team offers, we are also proud to offer skimmer basket services as well. No matter what your pool maintenance services your Denver property needs, we have pool sweepers, pool cleaners and swimming pool maintenance services to handle all of your needs.
  • Backwash the filter if needed – A large part of swimming pool maintenance involves backwashing the filter, and our pool cleaners are capable of handling that, and several other pool care tasks, for you.
  • Check the filter pressure – Our pool maintenance team will make sure that you filter is operating properly so that you don’t have to purchase more expensive pool cleaning services further down the line.
  • Check the equipment for proper operation and potential leaks – While completing your pool maintenance, our pool sweepers and swimming pool cleaners will make sure that your pool is operating properly. We are proud to offer a team of experienced pool sweepers and swimming pool cleaners that can catch issues before they get too bad.
  • Brush walls & steps – Our pool sweepers will make sure that every part of your Denver pool is scrubbed clean, and our commitment to excellence is one of the reason that we are Denver’s top swimming pool maintenance service providers.
  • Vacuum the pool bottom – Our swimming pool cleaners will take things one step further than scrubbing by vacuuming your Denver swimming pool. When you hire our team of professional pool cleaners, you are receiving the finest quality of pool care work in Denver.
  • Perform water testing -A large part of pool cleaning is making sure that your water is healthy. Our swimming pool cleaners will complete thorough water tests to make sure that your pool is a safe place to be.
  • Add any required chemicals to balance the pool water (chemicals to be provided by homeowner) – If our pool cleaning team decides that your pool needs some more chemicals to properly clean your pool, we will administer them at your approval. Our dedication to our customers has made us Denver’s top swimming pool maintenance company.
Homeowner Responsibilities: You don’t have to be a professional pool cleaning service to take care of your Denver swimming pool. You could help out our pool cleaners by doing the following pool care tasks:
  • Adding water to pool
  • Pumping water off cover
  • Remove toys from pool/spa
  • Allowing pool technician access to indoor equipment room
  • Ensure pets will allow pool technician to gain access to property
  • Assign designated access for pool technician
By completing those simple swimming pool maintenance tasks, you would be greatly helping out our swimming pool cleaners.

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